1. For endorsement of Visa Application Letter (addressed to the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia), the following documents MUST be enclosed:

i. A Letter of Indemnity addressed to the Negeri Sembilan Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NSCCCI), duly stamped at any Government Stamping Office

ii. A Company Letter addressed to NSCCCI, certifying the particulars of the applicant which include:

  • Name of applicant
  • Passport number of applicant
  • Position of applicant
  • When the applicant joins the company
  • The purpose of the applicant to Saudi Arabia

iii. Photocopy of Visa Application Letter, addressed to Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia

iv. Photocopy of Form 9 and / or Form 13 OR Form 8 and / or Form 20 of the Company

v. Photocopy of Invitation Letter from Saudi Arabia

vi. Photocopy of Applicant’s Passport

vii) Photocopy of Air Ticket/ Itinerary

2. All photocopied documents should be duly certified by the authorized signatory of the applicant’s company. 3. Endorsement Fee: RM15.00 / Applicant

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